SJBMS students have access to several different forms of educational technology. We have discovered over time that multiple forms and access locations meet our needs better than having all students using one form of technology. Classrooms either have a Smartboard or a large HD TV monitor. These devices are controlled by the teacher’s computer and the teacher controls the information accessed.

Some classrooms have two to four additional desktop computers that students can use to check grades, work on our online math tutorial, Aleks, our online vocabulary program, Membean, or to use for an additional station rotation for classroom activities.

Students also have access to four Chromebook carts and two i-Pad carts with approximately 40 devices each. Teachers sign up to use these carts for classroom assignments and projects and students are able to research, create, save, manipulate and turn in their work through Google education apps.

SJBMS has one computer lab, which is used for our Computer Science and Multimedia classes. Our teachers have access to four other computer labs in the high school, which can be reserved. Our teachers can also schedule their class to use the library, which also has an additional 30 Computers.

Before and after school, students have access to computers in the Learning Center, counseling office, library and classrooms at 7:40 am and till 3:30 pm daily.