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Skaggs Catholic Center Campus

Utah Transit Authority (UTA) TRAX, BUS, FRONTRUNNER

Parents, Students and Faculty,


UTA has changed their student and faculty pass options this school year.

They are no longer offering a school sponsored K-12 unlimited use student pass. In past years we were able to issue passes and the school would directly subsidize passes at the point of purchase.  This option has been eliminated by UTA for most programs; it is currently only available at the college level. Historically, it was an unlimited use pass with a fixed monthly or semester charge.

We are sorry that we can no longer provide this service to our families.

For this school year, the following UTA options are available directly to our families:

1-Combined Student TRAX / UTA Bus Passes are still available for $62.50 a month (30 days of continuous usage) but they must be bought directly by the user and no subsidies are offered.   This pass is called the Minor Monthly Pass; it is unlimited uses pass that is ideal for student’s who highly utilize the service.  This pass is limited to TRAX and UTA Buses.

2- UTA FAREPAY Card is a user purchased reloadable card that offers a 40% discount on bus trips, and a 20% discount on TRAX and FrontRunner.  UTA FAREPAY Passes can be purchased at 159 service locations located within the Wasatch Front. Cards can be loaded from $5.00 – $500.00. There is an initial charge of $3.00 for the reloadable card.  Many local retailers are offering the cards, including Harmon’s, Maverick, Walgreens, and 7-Elevens.  The cards utilize a tap-on, tap-off charge and the discounted trip fee is charged against the card balance.  Each trip is charged and is ideal for a student utilizing the service periodically.

For more transit authority information, parents, students and faculty may access the following UTA websites:



For school or Skaggs Catholic Center related questions, you may contact Mr. Dave Simpson at 801-984-7659.