From the Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Beginning this coming school year, SJBMS will be utilizing various software platforms to integrate online with in-person learning. I feel strongly that the nature of education has changed and that we must provide a blended online learning platform for students.

With this in mind, SJBMS will be moving to a one to one technology school starting August of 2020.  Parents will be expected to provide a school approved device (listed below) for their student. If a family is unable to purchase this technology, the school will provide a loaner device for your child.

Blended online learning is designed to incorporate advanced technology into our everyday learning. Students are required to provide their own laptops or Chromebook as a way to further their own learning both in and out of school for things like taking notes, reading e-books, and accessing digital textbooks.

In order to provide a safer environment for our students, we will be moving away from lockers and allowing students to carry their backpacks into the classrooms. This will also enable the students to carry their devices and necessary supplies.

These changes are a significant paradigm shift for students, teachers, and administrators of SJBMS and will require orientation and training. We will be having grade level orientation for 8th on August 12, 6th on August 13, and 7th on August 14. This is a mandatory requirement for all students regardless of whether they have attended SJBMS or are new to our community.  Please ensure that your child will be present and that they have their device with them at the orientation.

Device Requirements

The most important requirement is that students possess a device recommended by the Technology Department such as:

  • Chromebooks – 14″ HP (best value and is highly compatible with Google functions)
  • MAC or PC laptops that have 5Ghz Wireless
  • All MacBook (Pro and Air) have 5Ghz Wireless built in
  • Consider a spare charger for school

Devices NOT Allowed: iPads, Kindles, netbooks, mini-tablets, and smartphones. These devices don’t have large enough screens or the necessary processing power and lack a physical keyboard.

I know this has been a very challenging year for everyone, but I want to thank our parents, students, and teachers for their continued commitment to SJBMS. I feel as if everyone stepped up to the plate and hit a home run during this shift to distance learning. Although it was not ideal, we handled it in stride and learned valuable lessons for the future.  I look forward to August when we can abide in community, companionship, and in-person education.

Enjoy your summer break and thank you all for your hard work, dedication, and commitment to Catholic education.

Thankfully yours,

Patrick Reeder