From the Principal

Dear Parents and Friends of SJBMS,


Thank you to all of our students, parents, faculty, and staff who participated in the Color Run last Saturday and attended the Fall Fest on Sunday, September 8.  These two activities, especially the Fall Fest, are intended to build community and foster a sense of belonging for all who attend Juan Diego Catholic Schools. These two events fit well with our theme for the month of Solidarity.


Our theme for the school year is Love Unconditionally – Act with Purpose.  Each month we will highlight one of the social justice teachings of the Catholic Church to demonstrate how to love unconditionally and to act with purpose. Our overall goal for the year is to elicit empathy, respect, virtues, reverence, freedom from judgement, and authenticity in our students.


To assist in the goal, we have implemented Create a Culture of Kindness in Middle School by Naomi Drew and Christa Tinari during HomeBase.  This program has 48 lessons that foster empathy, courage, respect, acceptance, and kindness in students as well as ways to deal with conflict and counteract bullying.  Simply introducing and going through the lessons will not be enough to create the transformation we are seeking.  The success of this program will hinge upon all community members – parents, students, faculty, staff, and administration – supporting and reinforcing these necessary life skills for our students.


A way parents can support a culture of kindness is by taking an interest in the lessons that are happening at school. The lessons are available to parents on each of the grade level landing pages on the Google webpages. Please take time to look them over and discuss them with your children.


If you would like more information on the Create a Culture of Kindness, please contact me via email at


Faithfully yours,

Mr. Patrick Reeder