From the Principal

August 3, 2021


Dear Parents,


The primary responsibility of any principal is the health and safety of their student population. When the 20-21 school year ended in May, I truly believed that the worst of the pandemic was behind us and we would be sailing into the new year with hope, optimism, and a fresh start.  Obviously, anyone who has watched the news lately knows that the delta variant of the coronavirus has taken hold in our communities, especially with those who are unvaccinated.  We are seeing younger children adversely and severely affected by this new strain, resulting in hospitalizations and lasting effects.


I recognize that this is a polarizing issue, and regardless of the school’s decision, parents on one side or the other will be upset.  Nonetheless, my duty is to the students of SJBMS and for their health and safety.


SJBMS serves students ages 11 to 14.  Unfortunately, the vaccine has not been approved for students under the age of 12 which places us in a precarious situation since the majority of our 6th grade students cannot be vaccinated.  In consultation with the diocese, “masks are required for vaccinated middle school students who mix with younger students.” The only way to avoid masks for our 7th and 8th graders is to increase our vaccination rate.


For the beginning of the school year, masks will be required indoors for all students regardless of their vaccination status unless actively eating or drinking. Once we have a significant portion of our student population that has been vaccinated, we will look at removing the mask requirement except for classes where 7th and 8th graders mingle with 6th grade.  This will be evaluated on a quarterly basis.


I have linked the SJBMS 2021-2022 Covid-19 School Plan.  We will not be offering remote learning as an option for students; however, we will continue to deliver content through our canvas portal.


I want to thank those parents who have already vaccinated their children, and I want to encourage those eligible to acquire the vaccine. If your child has received the Covid-19 vaccine, it is imperative that you notify Mrs. Frakes by sending completed Covid-19 vaccination records to ( This information will be kept confidential like all student vaccination data.


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