From the Principal

Dear Skaggs Catholic Center Parents/Guardians,

The Safety Committee, in consultation with traffic engineers, have continued to evaluate traffic flow on campus.  The following pick-up procedures will be implemented beginning Monday, November 25, 2019. This newly revised traffic flow pick up procedure will be in effect 15 minutes prior until 30 minutes after every dismissal. It is our hope that this will provide more efficiency and safety for all.  


Vehicles entering from 11800 South on the west (middle school) side will continue to travel south but now must exit at 300 East.  There will be no traveling from west to east around the outer circle at pick-up.  Access to the middle school will only be from 11800 South.


Vehicles entering at 11800 South on the east side of campus (elementary/daycare) will only be able to access the elementary, parish and daycare parking lots and pick up areas.  There will be no travel from east to west around the outer circle at pick-up.  


Traffic entering from South 300 East will turn right at the outer ring road with the traffic flowing east only.  No left turns or access to the middle school from the south side of the campus at pick up.  The 11800 South exit on the east (elementary) side will be right turn only.


Exiting the campus heading north will be done from the east side (elementary) at 11800 South.  This will be a right turn only.  Bell Tower Circle continues to be an elementary drop-off/ pick-up only location.


Thank you for your patience while this is implemented. Safety is our top priority on campus. 

Sam Salts, JDCHS Dean & Safety Committee Chair

Dr. Galey Colosimo, JDCHS Principal

Patrick Reeder, SJBMS Principal

Nikki Ward, SJBE Principal