Lunch Program

Welcome to the Skaggs Catholic Center, Saint Joseph Commons lunch program. Our Cafeteria Staff members enjoy getting to know your children. We welcome any questions you may have, you may reach the cafeteria at 801-984-7628. Your questions and/or comments are welcome.

Lunch Menu

The monthly menu is posted on the cafeteria bulletin board and the HDTV digital signs. A daily meal includes an entrée, a side and a small drink. The cost can be found here. Please see NEW Open Charge Lunch Account Policy below. A variety of ala carte items are also available.

Open Charge Lunch Account Privileges

Each of our students, staff and faculty is granted an open lunch account. This open charge account allows our students, staff and faculty to purchase lunch and snacks on open account. We do this both as a courtesy and as a matter of convenience.

Parents, staff and faculty should fund lunch accounts in a timely manner. Accounts may be funded by check, cash or by on-line payments through our lunch account partner, Payments may also be made directly to SJBMS administration, SJBEL administration, and JDCHS student services, or directly to the cafeteria during lunch hours.

Each parent, staff and faculty member should set-up a low-balance email alert through It is recommended that the low balance alert be set at a minimum of $20.00. Once the threshold is set, automatic alerts will be sent when the current account balance drops below the pre-set figure. When alerted, it is time to fund the account. Responding quickly will assure a positive account balance.

Due to the significant number of issues related to managing open accounts, we have a new policy pertaining to overdrawn lunch accounts. All overdrawn accounts will be charged an overdraw charge of $.25 per purchase transaction. If the overdrawn / outstanding balance exceeds $50.00, an overdraw charge of $20.00 will be assessed each and every week until the negative balance is cleared. These charges will appear on your account statement as overdraw charges.

This policy change will have no effect upon parents, staff and faculty with timely and properly funded accounts. It will affect those who do not maintain a positive cash balance in their account and those who do not fund their open accounts in a timely manner. This policy may seem an extreme measure, and it is. Last spring, our administrative staff had to address hundreds of overdrawn accounts, unfortunately, a figure well out of control. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter … your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Dave Simpson, SCC Director of Finance  & Kristina Baker, SCC Director of Food Services

Register Your Lunch Account

When you register your child’s account it will enable you to view all transactions for the previous 30 days. You will also be able to request an email be sent when your child’s account balance falls below your designated level.

Go to to create a parent account for your use. If you have already used the online option, it is not necessary to create a new account.

  • “Create Account”
  • “Create Parent Account”
  • School District – Skaggs Catholic Center

An email will be sent to your email address, containing a verification code. After you receive this verification code email, log in and start adding your students according to the outlined instructions listed. You will need your student’s school ID number to list them.

Click on “Manage my account” and sign-up for low balance notification emails.

Note: A parent can have many students, but a student can be linked to only one parent at a time.

Lunch Payments



Make payments online through using an Auto Check Draft. Please allow 2 – 3 days for payments and charges to process and post. Note: A $1.95 transaction fee is assessed for each payment made online through

2020-2021 Lunch Program Information